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Hey there masters of the hardware! I am in the market for a new LCD monitor, I will mostly be using it for competitive gaming and would love to have a fast, big monitor to view on. Here are my requirements:

1: my range for monitors is 22-24". Wide-Screen is fine
2: my requirements for native resolution is 1920x1080 or larger
3: If at all possible, have a HDMI port so I can play with it with a game system or a cable box in the future.
4: I would like it to have a response time of 2-3ms
5: It must be at least have a refresh rate of 75Hz or higher at native resolution. 60Hz just won't do.
6: The Constrast Ratio should be at least 20000:1

LG W2453V-PF

I was looking at this monitor, it fits all my criteria of the above, I just can't find for the life of me the refresh rate for it. LG dosn't have it on their website, Newegg dosn't have it on theirs, nobody has it! And I have noticed this with a lot of LG's monitors lacking vital information.

As for budget, I think no more than the original price of the W2453V would be a good place to sit, About $350, but if you see something thats a bit more feel free to post it and I will have a look.

Thank you! :)
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I'm now accepting a CRT monitor for possibilities.
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