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Hi guys,
I have a quick question. I play a lot of MMO's, and I am looking into buying a second monitor. The one thing holding me back is this - I'm unsure if during a game, I would accidentally move my mouse too far and it'd appear on the 2nd monitor. I'm looking to using one monitor for games, and the other for Vent / Internet, things like that. Does the game take priority so I won't move my cursor to the 2nd screen?

Also, is there any CPU usage % drawback to a 2nd monitor? Thanks so much in advance,

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  1. The mouse will "stay" with the game. To switch to the other screen by pressing ALT + Tab.

    The second monitor will consume a little bit of processing from both CPU & GPU, but should be minimal for the internet unless some Java code or Flash video on the web page steals some performance. Don't know what Vent is.

    Video playback will definitely cause a noticeable performance decrease while gaming.
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