Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP really worth it?

Hey, I am looking for a really good 24 inch monitor for games/movies, but mainly for games :) and I was wondering if the Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP really worth $800CAD? or may you guys recommend me some other good monitors that is 24inch and 1920x1200 resolution please and thanks!.
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  1. Haven't seen it myself but supposedly very nice monitor for the money.

    I went for the HP LP2475W instead recently, a very nice monitor in itself.

    You should check out reviews from the likes of tft central or as those are usually quite good I beleive.

    Also perhaps pop over to [H]ardforum and look at the displays section, there is a large thread solely about the dell 2408wfp although don't just look at the beginning as that won't take into account improvement contained in the newer revisions.
  2. DELL 2408WFP is now $549 until Aug, 13th
  3. I have one (A01 rev), and I love it. I definitely think it is worth the money.
  4. Dell 2408WFP
    Best review your going to find, it'll tell you basically everything you will want to know. :)

    It seems to have input lag, like 1/2 (1 or 2 not half) frame input lag.
  5. That's the A01 revision though (A00 had much worse input lag, and from what I've heard, A02 [the version currently shipping] has even less input lag than A01)
  6. Input-Lag

    As well as the response time, the oft-mentioned input lag is also important for a monitor's suitability for gaming. If too much time passes between input and optical response, the fraction of hardcore games in particular will find the controls too indirect.

    The Dell 2408WFP's performance in a stopwatch tests against a CRT model is just mediocre. On average, we measured a value of 32 ms. In 10 percent of all cases, the deviation was a maximum of 15 ms and in another 15 percent, it was a maximum of 46 ms. In 80 percent of cases, the deviation was 32 ms, which is the average value.

    Although the average value is often significant, we can establish that the lag is usually 32 ms (or 2 frames per second) and that the maximum is just over 3 frames per second (46 ms).

    Left: Dell 2408WFP with minimum input lag. Right: CRT as reference.

    Left: Dell 2408WFP with average input lag. Right: CRT as reference.

    Left: Dell 2408WFP with maximum input lag. Right: CRT as reference.

    The result should be sufficient for occasional gamers, but the input lag is too high for those who play often and for professional gamers.

    The A01 revision of the Dell 2408WFP was intended to improve the input lag. This was measured at up to 60 ms on the previous model. Although a reduction has been achieved, the result is still no more than satisfactory for real gamers.

    Its still 2 frames, and that's still pretty bad...
  7. Honestly, it isn't noticeable. Also, as I said, A02 is out now, and the one tested there is A01. A02 is supposed to have decreased the input lag even further.
  8. Seriously though $700 for a monitor :/ You can get a really good TV for that price, and you should just go with the TV especially since you mainly want it for games/movies.
  9. $700?

    Try $439:

    Also, it has higher resolution than a 1080p TV, better color (IMHO), and is better suited for use as a computer monitor than any TV is.
  10. TV's almost without fail are meant to be viewed from a distance and are designed that way, monitors are designed to be viewed up close.

    Games and movies IMO are better on a monitor although not bad on big screen, however, my experiences with a desktop on a big screen has been less than brilliant.

    Text benefits from a low pixel pitch I think.
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