5ms latency VS. 2ms(gtg)

I am looking for a new monitor for my gaming rig. I am a bit of a videophile so I want to get something that looks good and has no latency/ghosting issues.

My current monitor is a 19" samsung that I bought maybe 3 or 4 years ago that is rated for 2ms. That has been a great gaming monitor, but in some circumstances I can see faint ghosting.

I am looking at some of the bigger widescreen monitors (24"and bigger).

It seems that the lowest latencies are either 5ms or 2ms grey-to-grey.. Is there any big difference? Do you guys think 5ms will be good enough?
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  1. Ghosting is something that cannot be gotten rid of entirely IMO, whether or not it is visible is subjective. Personally I don't see it on my own one unless I look closely at the mouse pointer. It is rated 12ms Black to black

    I would ignore gtg and look for reviews or at the least black white black response times.

    Also, I am unsure what you mean by videophile, you are using a TN based LCD and those are crap visually.
  2. What should I be looking for besides TN?
  3. Quality wise it usually is said to go TN - PVA - IPS.

    Price usually steadily increases in line as well.

    However, the fastest monitors will be TN based.
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