Vizio HDTV as monitor

I'm trying to setup my Vizio 22" HDTV as a computer monitor via HDMI, but I'm not able to get the picture quite right. Is there a guide anywhere that will help me choose the contrast, temperature, etc. on the tv menu itself, as well as the catalyst menu on my pc?

PC specs -

i7 920
6gb XMS3 DDR 1066
HD 4870 1gb

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  1. No one?
  2. Just to update, I got the colors working right when I plugged it in via VGA. The tv actually used different settings in its menu in VGA mode (RGB mode to be specific), and everything actually became readable too.

    I ended up just buying a 23" lcd though in the long run - I missed not having my Vizio mounted on the wall in front of my bed. It's still connected via HDMI though, and Windows Media Center looks great. I've started ripping all of my movies to my computer, so they're only a click away while in bed.
  3. tv's do not like computers, I was using a 19" and there was no way I could get 1449x900 resolution, ended p the tv was telling the computer that it was a 1024x768, but the picture was skewed, so I ended up with a 22 inch HD ViewSonic
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