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I have had this monitor since it was new last year. I plugged it in and it was fine. 2 weeks ago after downloading Windows Vista updates and Adobe reader updates I get a floating grey box that says "Input not supported' on my next start-up.

I tried another monitor on my tower and that is fine. I tried the Acer monitor on another tower and no floating grey box. Why does it now do this on my computer?

FYI, I did adjust the resolution setting s as Acer tech Support suggested but that did nothing. I mean why was it fine for a year?

I'd appreciate any help/tips. Thanks.
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  1. Did you adjust the refresh rate? What's the Hz set at?
  2. I did that a bunch of times and even more so when tech support told me to. I had been using this monitor for over a year with no issues until I downloaded Windows Updates. I figured out over the weekend that my video card is over 8 yeras old and that maybe the new updates can't be handled by this card. I installed a new video card and problem solved. If you ever have to deal with Acer tech support be prepared to deal with alot of ineptitude.
  3. I'm not a big fan of Acer. They wouldn't be my first choice to buy from.

    Lol, they probably use the same 3rd party support team in india that Dell, HP, gateway, and all the others use. It's such a joke now days.
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