My CRT Monitor is Dying, Help me Pick a LCD

My beloved Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930sb CRT monitor is on its last leg and I am now forced to buy a new monitor. Obviously it has been a long time in the market and a lot of familiar names (Sony, Mitsubishi, etc) are now gone, and replaced by a lot of brands I am not familiar with. My first question is what brands should I bee looking at? I have primarily been looking at Samsung and Viewsonic(do they still make good monitors?), but should I also consider brands like Acer, Asus(I thought they were a mobo company), Hans -G, etc?

My front runner right now is the Viewsonic VX2262wm 22" LCD. Any reasons why this would be a bad choice? Should I go bigger/smaller? Different model? Different Brand?

Also, I have noticed a lot of monitors are 16x9 (1920x1080), instead of what I thought was the computer widescreen standard of 16x10. I will not be using the monitor for video or TV/Movies, so should I stay away from the 16x9 stuff?

Thanks for you help.

BTW: I used to be a big gamer(FPS - COD, COD2), but as you can see I haven't done any gaming in a couple of years. This will mostly be for internet and document use, point and shoot photo viewing editing (not serious SLR stuff), and maybe some light gaming. I am hoping to spend about $200, but could go a bit higher if needed.
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  1. I ended up going with the Dell (yes really) 2209WA. It's a IPS panel not a TN, so it should be a better monitor. I also got it for 218 shipped, so it wasn't much more than the cheaper TN panels.
  2. Where did you get the 2209wa? Dell doesn't have them in stock.
  3. I ordered it from dell, but they did give me a delivery date of 8/10!
  4. I have the Benq E2200HD and already shared my experiences and recommendation in another thread here on the forum:
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