One Large Monitor or Dual Monitors

right now i am useing a 22ich samsung i was thinking of buying a new and bigger lcd but if i get dual 17ich lcds would that be better for pc gameing and watching movies or should i just get a bigger lcd
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  1. Why not get another 22inch Samsung. 17 is terrible for doing anything and Hard to see no matter what your doing. Remember for Gaming and Movie watching bigger is better.

    Few things to make sure of first, Your video card will support this(that is assuming you have an add on Video card ad not on board GPU) and you have the room on your desk for 2.
  2. I would also recommend another 22" LCD.

    I currently have a dual monitor setup which allows me to surf and watch movies / videos at the same if I wish. I have a 26" NEC and a 19" Planar (from 2002), I intend on replacing the the 19" Planar with a 26" Planar.
  3. I vote for the 2nd 22" instead of the 17's.
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