Looking for a Good 24" non-TF Gaming Monitor

Hi all. I've recently decided to upgrade from my (relatively) small 4:3 Hyundai monitor to a widescreen one. I've decided to go with a ratio of 16:10, for a resolution of 1920X1200, as this seems like a much better use of space for PC purposes.

I'll lay out my requirements in a simple and hopefully easy-to-read list:
- Must have a resolution of 1920X1200 (no more, no less)
- Must be around 24"
- Must have a low Response Time/Input Lag (for gaming)
- Must have a 1:1 pixel mapping option (in order to play PS3/360 games without stretching or cropping)
- Must have good picture quality
- Must have a "decent" viewing angle (for group movie-watching/console gaming)

I'm looking to spend around $500.

Also, I've tried looking for good reviews of recent monitors, but it seems like most good sites (the ones actually worth reading) have stopped writing reviews since 2008. Any websites I should check out that provide good information about specific monitors?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Dell 2408 Ultra Sharp FTW!!
  2. HP LP2475w uses a H-IPS panel and sell for about $550 at newegg.com

    Wait for the next sale for the Dell 2490WFP (revision A02). It was on sale for $500 about 2 -3 weeks ago.
  3. Unfortunately I've heard a lot of complaints about the LP2475 and other wide gamut monitors regarding oversaturation.

    I couldn't find the Dell 2490WFP you mentioned. I was able to find a Dell 2409, but that's 16:9 :(
  4. Whoops!!!

    I must have been drinking too little or too much. The point is I seem not to have drunk the right amount.

    I meant to type Dell 2408WFP. The following is a review for the first version (revision A00)


    From what I've read the revision A02 has lower input lag than revision A01 (which has lower input lag than A00) and is currently on sale for under $500:

  5. Wow - that is a good price. I snapped up mine (A01 revision) for $520, and I thought I got a good deal. It's an excellent monitor - I would highly recommend it.
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