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I'm going to be buying a monitor soon (next 3 days I suppose) and I have been researching on a lot of different monitors and panel types.

I currently have a Synchmaster 2253BW 22" Display from Samsung and I would like to move up the ladder of Displays from my 22" to a 24" or higher.

Preferably something possibly in the realm of 26" though.

I require these key elements though.

1: Fast response time.
2: Acceptable or Excellent Horizontal and Vertical Viewing angles.
3: Excellent Color (mind you color for the panel used I just want the best I can get here)
4: Must be of the same or better quality than that of what I already am familiar with (My Samsung)

Also I would like some acceptable or excellent movie viewing quality with this. I also do art on the side. A monitor that can serve these purposes would be very great.

So does anyone have any suggestions? I am very much drowned in reviews here and either can't decide or just cannot really get enough info on what I need.
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  1. bump guys come on :/

    check this one out. go to "specs". Its among best 24" monitors and a "recommended" by that site.
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