When will Viewsonic's VX2265WM 3D monitor be available?

Anybody heard any news about when viewsonic's 22" 3D VS2265WM monitor will be available at a on-line store?
I first read that it was going to ship by the end of the year 2008.
Then it was going to ship by the end of January 2009.
I searched the web, checked the egg and looked at viewsonics web site but did not find any new release dates.
I am building my new 3D ready pc and expect to fire up the bios tomorrow on 1 of my old crt monitors and install windows vista next week . I hope to be ready for the viewsonic monitor in about 2 weeks.
So if any of you research/techno junkies heard anything more please respond.
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  1. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. I've got one myself for review (for Total PC Gaming), but my online research has shown that they've only been sent out to publications this week. I'll find out and post in the morning, when I speak with my PR contact.
  2. Hi jamezrp thanks for the reply!
    Can you share with me what you think of the Viewsonic monitor's quality of the video in the 2d mode? Have you compared viewsonic's 3d vs samsungs 3d 22" monitor.
    I still have a couple of weeks (I think) in my pc build, test and load software time before I will be ready to replace the crt monitor with the new 3d lcd monitor and will make my choice between viewsonic or samsung.
    Viewsonic did reply to my reqeuest for info with "check back in a couple of weeks" Seems like they are delayed in shipping from their goal of ship "late 2007" and then ship jan. 09. I hope there are no problems with the monitor. From the comparsons I have read so far I like the viewsonic better than the samsung.
  3. Leatherneck, there's only so much I can say at this point, both because I'm reviewing it (meaning I'm supposed to say "Piss off and wait for the review!") and because I only just got it.

    What I can say is this: the 3D experience we're all used to is on big screens, and this is a 22" monitor. I've been using the Acer G24, and while I think, without any testing, that this Viewsonic shows duller images. Playing on it in 3D is disorienting because the effect is for a very small portion of your vision. Even on the lowest depth setting, I find that I'm feeling like someone took my eyes out, juggled them and put them in the wrong sockets.

    I haven't looked at Samsung's (political/beaurocratic reasons...hmmph!), but Viewsonic's looks just as good for $50 less.

    My preliminary suggestion is to either keep your CRT or get a WLED monitor from AOC, HP, or Dell. They're coming out in the coming months, and they have a 60Hz max (as far as I know), but the image quality is much better than standard LCD displays.
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