Old Viewsonic A90f+ time to replace?

I'll admit upfront I know nothing about monitors. Hence the question. I've had this monitor for a number of years, it still works great, but I know that technology out dates old equipment fast. I keep my tower up to date with new cpus, memory, etc. I've just ordered a new nVidia 8800GT to replace my old 7800GT. So how is this old thing holding up?

Should I think about replacing it with a new monitor? If so, what's the best on the market right now for the ~$200 range?

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  1. No, keep your trusted CRT till it dies on you. Then do the inevitable thing and get a TFT (unless there are SEDs out by then...).
  2. Hello

    I replaced my trusty old A90f with a new widescreen 22" flat panel. The flat panel was the best on the market a year ago. I gave my ole A90f away to a friend and have regreted it ever since. When doing photo editing I do not see the actual photo as it is. The flat panel is a great monitor, but not for editing photos.

    Keep the A90f till she dies!!!

    Jim Wolfe
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