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ok, i have 2 monitors that are exactly the same and just got a new vid card which supports dual monitor. I just set it up and have a few questions about it...

1. How much energy does a monitor use? I'm afraid I may be jacking up my electric bill a bit by having 2 monitors like this, especially since I don't need 2 on all the time. These are 17 inch LCDs (atleast I think they are LCDs...)

2. I'm using this dual monitor set up to get work done faster, I don't want both monitors on all the time and I don't think turning off the additional monitor stops the computer from sending info to it. I turn one off then move my mouse around and it disappears into the turned off monitor. Is there a way I can turn off the additional monitor temporarily so this doesn't happen without having to change the settings each time?

3. When I turn on a game to play that is full screen, one monitor clones the other. Does this have an effect on the performance of the video card since its running the display on both?
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  1. 1. dont know

    2. use ultramon software. when u dont want to use dual just easily disable the secondary monitor. You could also do it from your graphic cards control center.

    3. well if you hav your second screen as an extended desktop it will not clone. why would uwant to clone it?
  2. Check the back of your monitor for wattage.

    A 45 watts monitor will take about 1080 watts in a day, so if you paying $0.10 per kilowatt then it'll cost you $3.24 per month.

    I don't think you have to worry about your monitor but the cost to run your video card. :)
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