Help Needed in Buying 24" LCD Monitor

I am planning to buy a 24" LCD monitor. I m really confused which is the best at the moment. Can someone please suggest a monitor which is best for gaming and watching movies.

From my survey i could find these Samsung SyncMaster T240HD, BenQ V2400W & Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP good but i m not too sure of it too. It would be really helpful if you suggest me a nice monitor.

Thanks alot
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  1. The Dell 2408WFP would be my choice. It may be the most expensive of the three that you listed, but with good reasons.

    Many LCD monitors (including the T240HD and V2400W) are built around an LCD panel using TN technology. Two good things are:

    1) inexpensive to manufacture so monitors are less expensive
    2) fast response time for gamers.

    What bad about TN panel tech?

    1) Viewing angles, color can shift simply moving your head. The top of the monitor can seem darker than the rest of the monitor. I am currently looking at a monitor that uses a TN panel.

    2) Poor color accuracy for professional use, but more importantly for some causal users it can create a little bit of color banding and image artifacts when there are subtle color changes like in a dimly lit movie scene. This is due to something called dithering. A TN panel can only create 256k colors, by using dithering those colors can be blended to create 16.7m according to the manufacturer.

    3) Black levels are not particularly good and can lead to color banding. For example, on the current monitor I am using I cannot distinguish Black 0 thru Black 5, but Black 6 hits me like a brick. Black 0 thru Black 255 represents actual black (Black 0), pure white (Black 255) and all the shades of gray in between (Black 1 - Black 254).

    4) Backlight uniformity. Not exactly sure if it due to TN panel or lower manufacturing standards to keep prices low, but TN panels tends to have more issues with backlight bleeding than any other LCD panel tech.

    Basically the backlight (florescent lamps) is always on and it is up to the LCD panel to block that light from shining through to display black. All LCD monitors have some level of backlight bleeding, but TN panels seems to have the most. Worse, backlighting can look like patches all over the screen.

    In most situations backlighting for the casual user should be an issue, but it can become distracting when watching dark scenes in a movie or playing games in dimly lit environments.


    The Dell 2408WFP uses a S-PVA panel which can actually produce all 16.7m colors so issues with color banding and image artifacts should rarely appear. It is more expensive because the panel cost more to manufacture and the fastest listed response time is 6ms.

    24" LCD monitors not using a TN panel starts at over $550 when not on sale. The Dell 2408 probably sells for around $675 excluding and discount, sale, or rebate.

    Colors will shift on any LCD monitor because it is a limitation of the technology. But TN panels shift the most and does occur quite easily. That's why any monitor with S-PVA panel tech will have a viewing angle of 178. I believe Dell lists that as "89/89"
  2. Thanks alot for your Reply, it was really informative. I didnt know anything about these Panel Types. But now I hav a budget of 450$ only. This Dell is way beyond my Budget.

    Is there any 2nd or 3rd best monitor you would recommend ?

    Thanks alot again
  3. and i head 16:9 monitors are way better than 16:10 when it comes to watching HD movies and Play games, is it so ? I think i hav been puttin ma search in a wrong path all this while. Please help me out !! :(
  4. 16:9 ratio means u wont get black borders when watching HD movies. I watch at 16:10 and i dont mind the borders as i like to watch the progress bar of the movie.

    For games i dont think it really matters. If you hook up consoles again 16:10 ration will hav border (if 1:1 pixel mapping is used)
  5. i came across these two monitors Dell S2409W & BenQ E2400HD, these are 16:9 monitors and they seem to b really good for a 24" low priced monitor. I had my eye on Dell S2409W. Is it worth it ?
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