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I just switched out from a bulky big monitor to a flat screen one and I'm seeing wavy lines all the time on this new flat monitor, its hard to explain..but its there, starting to make me dizzy. Any one know whats up? Thanks a lot.
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  1. What model specifically?

    Any more details?

    It's difficult to help at all with that little information.
  2. Ah, right, sorry, its a gateway 700g flatscreeen monitor.
  3. Hmm...

    I can't seem to find much detail on that monitor - it seems to be an older model. Does it have multiple inputs (DVI/VGA), and if so, did you try using a different input?
  4. Yes, but the cord I have only fits in the analog vga spot, I can't find any spares around here that'll fit the second plugin.
  5. well my monitor is doing the exact same thing. but that is a 2,5 years old mirai. if you have this problem on a new one, you should make an RMA.
    also, i can barely spot the waves when i turn the brightness up. try that.
  6. I would try to borrow a VGA cable.

    I had an issue sometime ago with one of my LCD monitors. The distortion was taken care of by replacing the VGA cable.
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