Do you know of a 24" monitor which meets these specs?

OK, so yesterday I headed over to the Apple Store to check out the new 24" monitor on display. If you haven't seen a monitor with exceptional color detail I highly recommend you at least take a look at this one. Rumor has it that this monitor uses an IPS panel. See wikipedia for the different types of TFT panels if you need some more info. On the downside this monitor only has a DisplayPort interface for video.

I am looking for something comparable with the following specs:

24" monitor
.25mm dot pitch (like this one by Apple)
glossy or matte finish screen
LED backlit preferable (again like the Apple) but not a mandatory requirement
tilt/rotate (the Apple doesn't rotate)
price < $700 (the Apple is $899)

I've looked around and for one, couldn't find any other 24" panel that meets the dot pitch specs.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

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  1. The only 24" IPS LCD under $700 is the HP LP2475w which has 0.27mm dot pitch and no LED backlight.
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