Dell 30" 3007 UltraSharp VS Samsung 305T VS Dell 27" Ultrsharp


I want to upgrade to a NEW monitor. I currently have the DEll 24" Ultrasharp 2407W monitor and I have ordered the Dell 2709 Monitor for like $600. But I am starting to think that I might as well upgrade to the 30" since I know eventually i will go from the 27" to the 30".

The reason for the change of mind is because the 27" Dell has the same resolution as my 24" Dell. I actually want higher resolutions.

I want to use this for gaming and I can't make up my mind between these 3 monitors.

What do you guys recommend that is best for gaming? for the price!!

Also does the Contrast Ratio really make a big difference? The Dell 27" is 3000:1 Contrast but I noticed the bigger ones are only 1000:1 Contrast.

Appreciate the help.
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  1. I also noticed that the Samsung one is old. 2 Years right? The new 27" 2709 from Dell is NEW and I am getting a great deal on the price too. There is the NEW DELL 3008W but that one is 2K a ridiculous price if you ask me!

    Let me know what you guys think.

  2. The Dell 3007WFP and 3008WFP both use the more expensive IPS LCD panel technology. The relatively low price for the 3007WFP is likely a fire sale to get rid of the old stock.
  3. I might stick to the 27".
  4. Why would you buy a 27? You have a 2407 which uses the same panel technology, has the same resolution, and will actually look sharper (due to the higher pixel density). It seems like a relatively minor upgrade to me, one which would not really be worth the cost.
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