Recommendations for 24" monitor?

Any suggestions for a 24 " monitor used primarily for gaming, and photo editing(casual not professional color accuracy is not critically important) would be greatly appreciated. Also monitor must have HDMI to connect xbox360 to and Ive had other users on forums recommend avoiding TN panel monitors. But are the viewing angels on TN panels really that bad, if im going to be using it for gaming and casual photo editing I dont see the point in any fancier technology than TN?

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  1. If you can afford it, the Dell Ultrasharp 2408 is a great choice, not TN, and has every input you could possibly ever use and then some.
  2. Would the Dell Ultrasharp 2408 have noticeably better colors/view angles over a TN panel?
  3. Absolutely. That's the main advantage of the S-PVA type panel (what the 2408 uses).
  4. FYI
    the dell 2408wfp A00 rev. has some problems like a 45ms input lag (3 frames) and has some inaccurate colors.

    all of the above got fixed in the A01 rev.
    so you should wait for the A01 and go buy this one piece of great monitor.
  5. It does have some lag, but it definitely does not have inaccurate colors - it actually has some of the best and most accurate colors of any monitor available.
  6. I didn't had this kind of monitor I just saw a few cuz I'm interested in one.
    so thats what I think.

    by the way .. how do I change my pic in the forum? can someone help me ?

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