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I am currently looking for a new 24" LCD widescreen monitor because my Viewsonic VG191b finally took a dump. I really would like a monitor that is all around an excellent monitor for work related business and for gaming, plus having adjustable height, HDMI, USB, VGA, and DVI inputs, 1080p HD compatible. I have been looking closely at the Dell 2408WFP, however I have read on many forums that it has severe ghosting problems, long lag times, out of the box colors that are way off, and a pinkish-red tint to the left side of the monitor. However, I was reading that a new revision, A01 was being released. The other two monitors I have been looking at are the Gateway FHD2400 and the Lenovo L220X, which I know is only a 22" monitor but it is 1920X1200. In regards to the Dell monitor, it is a Samsung design, but from what I have read about a Samsung monitor is that they don't seem to get as much hype as the Dell and people say they are more expensive for the lack of features that you get. Some forum members seem to like the BenQ monitors as well. There are just so many opinions that I would like to narrow it down to a couple monitors or even narrow it down to one. Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. The 2408 definitely doesn't have colors that are way off or a pinkish tint - in fact, the reviews I have seen state that it is among the closest to perfect on out of the box color calibration. No ghosting either. The only real problem it has is a slight input lag, which I don't find noticeable, but some people who are really picky about that sort of thing might.
  2. hi thebluewu

    I suggest you should go and see the monitor yourself and ask the salesman to show run a few games and pictures on the monitor.
    when I say this monitor I was in shocked , I'm also afraid of buying this monitor only because of those reviews.
    I'm thinking of waiting for the A01 rev and see what we can do .
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