Asus VK222h vs. Samsung 2253BW

Hey guys :) I've decied to buy a new monitor and my choices are Asus VK222h opposed to Samsung 2253BW ;) Please tell me which one is better :) or suggest me another one priced to 300 Euros ;)
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  1. would somebody help me ?
  2. initially i would prefer Samsung over asus namely becuase of there dead pixel policy. its one of the best in the industry i'm not sure what asus's policy is... but i know asus for amazingly great quailty so honestly you cant go wrong either way... its like having to decide between regular chocolate cake or german chocolate cake you can't go wrong couse either way you still have the chocolate cake...
  3. It's a little late...I have already bought Dell 2208 :) thanks for help anyway :)
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