HYUNDAI N91W LCD Monitor comes on for a second then goes back off

Last night my LCD decided to started acting up on me. The blue light is on so I know the monitor has signal, but the display is black. When I move the mouse or hit a key it does not wake up as it normall would. If I turn the monitor power switch off and then on, it wakes up for about 5 seconds, and then goes black all the while the blue status light staying on. I tried to reset the monitor during that 5 seconds of it being on through the menu to no avail.

Any ideas to try or is it time to try and get it fixed?
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  1. Similar problem happened to me.

    I had to return it to Hyundai for repair to resolve the issue.

    If its in warranty then return it for a repair - I believe the standard warranty is 3 years (in the U.K.)

    Hope this helps other people also.

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