I got messed up choosing a new LCD monitor. (plz help)

Hi everybody ,

I want to buy a new monitor for my PC.
I started to search over the net for models and manufectuars but I just got all messed up..
thats why I wanted your help.

I got a few models im intersted in :

1. Samusng T240 - the only one I saw in my own eyes (I live in Israel and there are not much stores that have a showcase with LCD monitors.)
2. Samsung 2493HM - I read a lot of great possitive comments about this monitor.
3. Samsung 2693HM ( yeah I know its 26")
4. Dell 2408WFP - I read alot about this monitor but I saw the ghost and the input lag and all that I just dont know if its good enough for me.

I understand thats TN are faster , has almost no-input lag, the VA panels has a great color reproducation and viewing angels, but I really do need this??
I need the monitor basically for gaming (multi and single player), some office applications and to watch movies on it.
I want the res to be 1900-1200 . my computer got the NX8800GT so it gives me a great picture although im still using analog display (19" Viewsonic VA912 , LCD with not DVI port).

I just need your help choosing which of these monitors should I buy?

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  1. sorry .. someway I cant edit it ..
    I just wanted to write
    Noam "
  2. anyone ? :\
  3. Most gamers would prefer to buy an LCD monitor that uses a TN panel. TN panel tech is adequate for most consumers. Since you do not do anything that is color accuracy critical and you seem indifferent about color accuracy I would suggest you buy a 24" monitor that uses a TN panel. Of the ones you listed the Samsung 2483HM is probably the best choice.

    The Samsung T240 is good if you want to watch HDTV on it since it has a built in tuner and remote.

    If I had to choose amongst the monitors you listed, I would personally choose the Dell 240WFP because I am willing to pay the extra money for an S-PVA panel. I have read some very good technical reviews (pro, semi-pro) which did mention the high input lag (BeHardware actually recommended against using this monitor for games), however many user reviews stated they did not notice much input at all, if any.
  4. the input lag issue the thing that I'm most concerned about.
    I have no problem paying for this monitor and the benefits of its panel.
    I just don't know how much does it going to affect on me.
    again I'm using it for movies and games.
    Its going to substitute the TV and monitor in my room.

    I would be very pleased if I will get some opinions on those monitors.

    thanks for your help jaguarskx.
  5. אחי כך את זה!


    זה יהיה הכי טוב!!!!
  6. Hi bnbader.

    I am happy with that you recognized I'm from Israel but try writing here in English , I just think Its like the russian are talking only in russian in Israel..
    Isnt that annoying?
    than next time when you answer post with English .

    why do you think the dell 2408 is the best?
    all the web is flooded with ghosting issues with this monitor.
    as I wrote in the topic , the monitor suppose to be for games, and if it has such a input lag like its written in alot of websites then this is not a good monitor , not for my use anyway .

    base your advice with something .... I'm sure its not the best..

    I'm more thinking about the T240 and the 2493HM by samsung..
    I think its more for me .. but still I need some advice.

    thanks for the help
  7. by the way if anyone is wondering.. bnbader wrote :

    "dude take this...
    its the best .."
    and inside the link there is the dell 2408WFP.
  8. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-038-AC&groupid=703&catid=17&subcat=510&name=Acer%20G24%20Widescreen%20Gaming%20LCD%20Monitor%20-%20Orange/Black

    - Viewable Area: 24” Widescreen (1920x1200 Resolution)
    - Interface: Analog / DVI / HDMI (HDCP Compatible)
    - Response Time: 2ms
    - 16.7M Colours
    - Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1
    - Viewing Angle (H/V): 160°/ 160° (TN Panel + Crystalbrite)
    - Brightness: 400cd/m2
    - Vesa Compatible (100x100)
    - Warranty : 3 year collect & return warranty supplied by Manufacturer

    is a high contrast ratio better than a small one lol but the response time is mint for gamers! and ACER are a good make
  9. hi jasbnd.
    thanks for your reply ,

    It gives me exactly what T240 gives me.
    the contrast and the colors are real hoax.
    you are talking about a dynamic contrast which the number is not the real one. and its much more hard to measure it down.
    and about the colors , it depends on the panel that the monitor has, in this case its a TN , so the colors are not 16.7 . its has less and its mime all the others...

  10. It is the best monitor for the price in Israel, its a great monitor! It has really good picture!

    ישראלים שולטים רק שתדע ואיון שום דבר רע בלדבר עברית בשום מקום!
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