Samsung 2253LW, should i buy?

Hey guys, Ive just about had it with my old crt monitor and have to save room so i can place my pc actually on the table instead of on the floor. I was going to wait until I bought my new gaming rig but what the hell lol. So I have to buy from an actual store and not a website due to return policies. Well anyway i stumbled upon this monitor at Costco for $250 and i just wanted to know what you guys think.

heres the link guys. Hope you can help, and if you can suggest a better monitor for the price, i would love to hear it. I basically just picked 22" monitor that had a 2 ms response time and contrast of 1000:1. I dont know if that makes me a noob or not lol.
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  1. When switching from a CRT to LCD monitor you need to accept the fact that even very expensive LCD monitor can have a hard time when compared against a good CRT monitor. The main limitation in such an inexpensive LCD monitor is the cheap panel technology call TN (Twisted Nematic). General pros and cons are as follows:

    - Inexpensive
    - Fast response times (less prone to display ghost images)

    - Poor color accuracy (actual colors = 256k, thru dithering ["blending"] process = 16.2m to 16.7m) compared to more expensive S-PVA, P-MVA, and IPS panels.
    - Limited viewing angles compared to more expensive panels.
    - More prone to backlight bleed (white light "bleeding thru")

    Monitor made with TN panels are generally good enough for the average consumer and by most gamers (because of the fast response times). That's why TN panels have basically flooded the LCD monitor market for any monitor less than 30" (all use IPS panels).

    Images on LCD monitors looks best at their native resolution. 22" monitors have native resolution of 1680 x 1050. You can use smaller resolutions, but that results in a small degradation to image quality. It has to do with the fixed number of pixels on the LCD screen. That's unlike what occurs with a CRT monitor, when you scale up / down the resolution overall image quality generally is not affected.

    Below is the link to which also sells this monitor. I suggest you sort the user reviews by the lowest rating so that you can read what particular complaints users seems to have with this particular monitor. Less objective than a professional review, but better than nothing.

    The Lenovo ThinkVision L220x is a 22" LCD monitor that uses the more expensive S-PVA panel tech which can produce 16.7m actual colors, no dithering involved. It is a also the only 22" LCD monitor that has native resolution of 1920 x 1200. This monitor is about $450.

    Eizo has 22" monitors using the S-PVA as well, but they have the normal native 1680 x 1050 resolution. Their monitors are also geared to the more professional customer where color accuracy is important. That is why their 22" monitors ranges from $650 - over $5,000 depending on the model.
  2. Thanks man, that was a good read, but...., thats not the monitor I'm thinking of buying, you know the one you gave a link to on new egg lol. But I appreciate the help none the less.
  3. Sorry about that.

    I saw "2253" and I immediately thought the "BW" model.
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