Want to buy either the Dell 2408WFP or 2707WFP. Your recommendation?

Hi there,

I'm replacing my Dell 2005FPW Revision A02.

I'm leaning more towards the 2408WFP right now. If the 2707 had the HDMI connector, I would get that in a second. Maybe they're planning on a 2708 version that I don't know about??

My question is: is there a monitor out there that has all the connectors that the 2408WFP has, but with a larger screen?

PS: I think 30" is too big and too expensive for me right now.
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  1. *BUMP*
  2. hm, i'm unaware of any other larger monitor that also hosts an HDMI connection, and as a gamer that's really the issue for me at least. i guess another reason to go for the 24" would be potential for a dual monitor setup, worked quite well for me and sounds like it may solve your screen size dilemma
  3. Now I don't have to try and choose between the 2707 and the 2408. Dell has just released the 2709W with all the connections of the 2408! I'm going to be getting one by August 1st and will report back.
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