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I, like many other posters here have been looking into a new monitor. Im looking for a 24 inch LCD, primarily for PC gaming. I also am going to be using it to play movies I.E. DVD's Blue ray, etc. I also want it to be able to be used to play Xbox or PS3 (though I dont currently have either, so its not a priority). From what Ive read, this monitor seems to fit the bill:

I have been doing a bit of forum research, and I have come to like the BenQ V2400W LCD: http://www.benq.com/products/LCD/?product=1313

The V2400W seems to basically be the new version of the G2400WD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014173

So, I am looking for a 24 inch screen around $400 or lower. Anyone here have some experience with this monitor, or have any input on it or a better one for the same price range? Thanks.

Heres my system I'll be running it on:
Gigabyte X48-DS4 motherboard
4 GB G.Skill PC 800 memory
ATI 4870
Windows Vista 64 bit

Would this monitor be able to be used as a TV ?
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  1. You can find several thorough reviews of this monitor at:


    From what i've seen the V2400W is just a slimmer, prettier version of the G2400WD...for about 50$ more. I'd get the G personally, since I don't care about the looks of the monitor I use.
  2. Yea hardforums is actually where I heard about the monitor, I just thought it kind of wierd that it was the only monitor they seem to be focused on. Not only is the V2400W advertised on there site banner, it has 6 different reviews of it sticked on there forum (the only monitor review stickied at that), and they offer a 10% discount promo code for it from there forum. Its almost as if someone running the site is making money by promoting it. Not to say it isnt a good monitor, but thats why I am looking for some opinions outside of hardforums.
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