22" glossy OR 24" Matte -- What is best for gaming

I am considereing a new item in the collection of LCD's that I have. This is the deal, I currently have 6- 24" SOYO 8bit panels. (The kind sold at Officemax for $279 OTD this week. I need them for the investment business I am in. I am also a gamer. There is no problem on gaming with these as I have NOT seen any tearing or lagging/ghosting etc. I am just wondering about the matte VS gloss finish. It is not an either or question as far as finances just what is the gaming experience on a glossy monitor. Thje room is dark as the monitors provide all the light I need when on and when gaming I will not be trading/working. In the store the glossy monitors appear crisper and sharper than the matte. I do RTS (C&C) and tactical shooters(Rainbow 6, Crysis, etc.) What would be the pros and cons in using a 22" glossy 1680*1050 or just sticking with the 24" matte 1920*1200.

Why not a 24" glossy you may ask. I am also looking at the framerate on the 22" with some upcoming games(and CRYSIS) and it might give me the ability to have a better gaming experience with 30% less pixels to push. One of the unit6s I was looking at was the HP w2207. SInce the 22" panels all seem to be 6bit it comes down to bang for the buck and these are available for $250-300 this week( the w2207h 'HDMI' are here).

Thanks for your thoughts
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  1. It's matter of personal preference. Glossy screens will have deeper colors and better contrast, but you can get high saturation matte screens these days.

    Matte screens are better in a variety of conditions so it's hard to go wrong, a glossy screen generally looks better in really dark and really bright lighting (direct sunlight) conditions, a matte screen looks better at "normal" lighting conditions.

    I tend to buy matte screens because most of the best monitor tech (IPS and MA) comes on a matte screen. Glossy screens tend to be TN, which I despise (maybe irrationally?).

    I'd say between a cheap glossy and a cheap matte, go for the glossy, but if you're looking at a high quality monitor it'll be matte.
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