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I know LCD monitors are best when ran under their "native" resolution. My question is how about "scaling". Basically running at different resolutions NOT "native"? Is the video any good? or have to run 1:1 scaling (black lines..areas around the picture)?
I seen OLDER types that really sucked at that, but nothing more after years of waiting for a newer review(s). Has the newer lcds display much better at different resolutions now?
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  1. Wow. No answers at all? Has anyone ran lcds at different resolutions and 1:1 scaling?
  2. There have been a few threads on this. It varies from panel to panel, but you'll have the most luck if you use resolutions that divide into the native res easy. 75% of the native res looks pretty good.

    So if you have a 1920 by 1200 monitor try 1440 by 900. I think scaling works better in games than on the desktop. Also scaling may require an extra frame of latency.
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