LCD HDTV as PC Monitor Guide on Toms?

Wonder why Toms Hardware has not come up with a guide or a way to review LCD HDTVs as computer monitors for gaming and general multimedia?

Where could I suggest this if its not in the right place?

I'm really interested in replacing my 19" dell LCD Monitor but looking at prices for 30" LCD screens I could spend a few hundred more and get a humungous LCD TV as a display instead. I realize I can't sit as close but, thats a good thing right?

Just a thought, I think 42" would be a good spot for a monitor but, does the response time, color quality, contrast and all that line up with or equal to a LCD Monitor that is actually built for a PC? What about the inputs, HDMI from DVI?

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  1. Sitting too far away from the monitor is just as bad as sitting to close, like trying to read a novel off of highway billboards.
  2. What I'm getting to I guess is that there is not much information on LCD HDTV as a monitor... I saw 1080p and the resolution and though to myself that its not too far from the resolutions on computer displays.

    Wouldn't it be good material for an article at THG? I think it would be a great read.
  3. One important thing when you are using a hdtv as a monitor is to have the right inputs. Component isn't good enough (it never quite scales right) imho you need dvi or hdmi.

    Make sure the native resolution is 1080 or 720. I have a 720p hdtv that is actually 768 and it doesn't work quite right.

    The distance issue is more import if you look at things besides your monitor while you are on your computer (if you hunt and peck type for instance). The refocusing is what gives your eyes a work out.

    Another issue is image latency, many hdtvs process the image heavily before displaying it, this looks good but takes time and may add a frame or two of latency. Many hdtvs have a setting to turn this off, they usually call it video game mode, so look for that.
  4. I appreciate your input... im still wishing there was an in-depth article about all this so most readers could understand from a computer users perspective if this is a good idea to get a HDTV as a display for the computer.

    Theres too many things to consider, and leaping into all this head first is not going to be fun. I was looking at some 42" HDTVs that are 1080p with HDMI since you can get a DVI to HDMI cable and retain the correct format.
  5. I was looking at Sharp AQUOS LC-32GP1U 32" LCD TV as a computer monitor since it is built for gaming, means less input lag and 1080p resolution goodness.

    Is that a good choice? And its not too big so I wont have to sit so far.
  6. Looks pretty good to me. Be sure to compare it against 30" monitors.

    I'd also try 'simulating' the font size on your current monitor to see if you can stand it (run your 19" at a low res).
  7. sabre2 said:
    there is not much information on LCD HDTV as a monitor...I think it would be a great read.

    As you request but i don't think you will like it.
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