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This is driving me nuts. Iam using a 3 year old Viewsonic E790 monitor. I have an FIC Radeon 9700 pro video card. The problem is that even though the contrast and brightness are set to 100 percent the screen is dark. Not so bad on e-mail and word stuff but gaming is nearly impossible. I tried to play Temple of Elemental Evil and I couldn't see walls in the dungeons. I have adjusted my settings in windows as well which makes things playable but still too dark. Anyway, the kicker is that using the same settings on my card, a seven year old gateway monitor shows up fine. So is the Viewsonic dying or do I need too adjust something else?
I have new drivers installed for video card and monitor.
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  1. I had the same monitor (E790B), and it's just the way it is.
    My contrast/brightness were both at 100 and things were still
    extremely dark; this was the case using both a Radeon 8500
    and a Radeon 9800. I solved the problem by buying an
    A90f+, which is extremely bright. :D

    Perhaps this model has a short "brightness life."
  2. I had the exact same problem...and discovered a simple solution. Right click on the desktop. Go to "properties" - "settings" then "advanced". Click on "Color". There you'll find 4 categories [ex. "3D/Game, Video, Desktop] to adjust to your desired brightness/contrast etc...
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