Samsung 19" 5:4 vs Samsung 22" 16:9

I've been debating between two monitors both being Samsung. I've had really good luck with them and have been impressed with the performace and construction. (19") (22" Widescreen)

It almost seems without question to go w/ the 22" widescreen on a $/pixel basis. Upon price anaylsis found that the 19" 5:4 is going for $1.82e-4/pixel, while the 22" 16:9 is going for $1.80e-4/pixel. This is reduced even further w/ the $40 mail-in rebate (Don't like 'em and not sure if I'll do it). This means that the 19" 5:4 would cost $329.66 if streached to a 16:9.

Just find it odd that widescreens seem more viable and more reasonable than their 5:4, smaller, counterparts.

Any suggestions or comments? Ideas?
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  1. I'd go for the widescreen. I don't know about you but I find it almost impossible to find standard format movies anymore. I think the widescreen is cheaper because the demand is higher. More people want the widescreen so the prices will drop to stay competitive. Just my .02.
  2. Yeah, there's lots of competition in the 22" LCD market segment.

    I would say that starting next summer 24" LCDs should start to out sell 22" LCDs because those cheap TN panels (in more ways than one) that is being used in the vast majority of LCD monitors (including all 22" LCDs) have recently been used in 24" LCD monitors.

    By summer next year TN panels will probably be used in half of all 24" LCD monitors being manufactured.
  3. Thats why i got my 24" Dell now ;)
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