New Samsung 226bw

Hello everyone, i just purchased a new monitor, and i dont know what panel it is, here is a picture of the sticker on the back...

Please help, i don not see any dead pixels, and what is "backlight bleeding"?
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  1. Bump?!
  2. Samsung no longer provide screen data. LS22MEHSFV/XAA is probably the monitor model code and a manufacturing code that no one has been able to decipher yet.

    Backlight bleeding is simply the light shining thru when the background is supposed to be black. All LCDs suffers some form of bleeding because the backlight is always on. The LCD crystals twist to show different colors. When displaying black the crystals are supposed to twist "closed" to block light from shining thru, but that's easier said than done. Below are some examples:

    Notice the blue areas which are supposed to be black. All monitors will have some level of backlight bleed.

    The first image is pretty bad since you can see it in a well lit room. This is unacceptable.

    The second image doesn't look very bad there's only some in the bottom middle of the screen, but it's not a full screen shot. Picture is taken in a dark room. This is acceptable.

    The last picture show some bleeding at the bottom of the screen and just a little bit at the top. Picture is taken from a dark room. This is acceptable for most people since it is not considered excessive and is mostly what you will experience.

    The brighter you set the LCD, the more bleeding you will see.
  3. With a July 2007 mfg. date, it's most likely an S panel. You have to remove 6 screws and the plastic shrouding to really know though.
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