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The other day I was on my computer and all of a sudden the screen started rolling and is really distorted, won't be still at all. I have unplugged and left off for a day or two and went to turn computer back on and is still that way. Is my monitor going out?? It is a LCD flat-screen I have had for about 4 years. Never had any problems with before. Don't know if it is ready to go out or what??? It just started out of no where, my computer normally stays on day and night, the only time I turn it off is when it storms. I downloaded 360 share and then it started acting up, that wouldn't have anything to do with it would it?? I was downloading music and listening to it and then my monitor just started going haywire!!!!!!!!! If you have any suggestions thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Sounds like a video driver issue to me. But it might be a "loose" cable. Disconnect the video cable from the both monitor and PC then reconnect. If that doesn't work then...

    Try loading Windows into Safe Mode, when the PC boots up press and hold the F8 key.

    Windows should load generic video drivers. If everything seems fine, then uninstall your ATI or nVidia drivers in Safe Mode. Then simply restart Windows and install the appropriate video driver.
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