Best SSD for £150

Okay so i've got £150 to spend on an SSD and I've pretty much narrowed it down to three but would like a second opinion.
These are the three I've been looking at.
Seems to be pretty good, good reviews.
See a lot of recommendations for this.
Has more memory, Similar read and write speeds but has higher IOPS. Seems to good to be true and as the saying goes, it probably is.

So which one is best?
How important is IOPS?

Also a side note, how hard is it to add a second SSD down the road? Plug and Play or a pain in the arse?
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  1. 100% get the 520.

    IOPS is only the number, it is not guarantee real-world application performance.

    If you only add other for storage then just Plug and Play, if add for RAID then you need install OS.
  2. a mushkin chronos deluxe is also a great uses top quality nand and is at the 14/gb mark
  3. good brand, reliable, and review.

    now all the good brand's SSD (intel, samsung, crucial, and other like mushkin, Plextor etc) are all perform very well in the real world. you only can see the difference between some of them in the benchmark.

    IMO, when you try to buy the SSD, you only consider the per GB/ per $ plus the size you want. But you like have better benchmarks buy one like Mushkin Chronos Deluxe that use the Toggle mode.
  4. intel is also great because they have a 5 year warranty and are pretty fast
  5. What kind of SSD you want? Reliability, Performance, Storage?

    -If want Reliability, get Crucial M4 or Intel's 320, OCZ has the most SSD failure just to let ya know...
    -If you want Performance, Sata3 SSD is good with 500MB/s and 500MB/s Read...
    -If you want Storage, Search any SSD with the highest space and money ratio...
  6. Think I'm going to go for the Mushkin deluxe. Thanks everyone.
  7. Devastater6194 said:
    Think I'm going to go for the Mushkin deluxe. Thanks everyone.

    get the 240gb version. its a much better buy.( well it is in canada or us)
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