HELP>>my 17" analog display monitor...

im going 2 buy a new system this week and my specs are the ff..

C2D E6600
Asus motherboard
2x 1 GB DDR2 800
600 Watts PSU
GF7300 GT

will my old monitor be just fine with this specs? or do i need to buy a new LCD on a tight budget right now and dont have a budget for the new monitor..

anyone help pls??!!
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  1. No need to buy a new monitor. In fact if your current monitor is a high quality model (i.e. Trinitron, Diamdtron), it will outshine any LCD. You will just use the DVI->D-Sub convertor and you will be fine. You may not even have to use a convertor (given with the graphics card in any case) if the 7300 has a D-Sub output, which I think it does.

    You gor a pretty powerful processor there but a weak VGA. If you intend on playing games you better get yourself something better than a 7300 even if you have to buy a cheaper CPU. The GPU is almost always the gaming bottleneck culprit.
  2. thanks dude! i'll just save money again for a new graphic card..i've already bought my new system. maybe 2 months from now i'll buy a new graphic card..thanks dude! atleast i didn't buy a new monitor. hehe..


    People here in tomsforumz are really great!
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