CRT only works upside down.

I just had to RMA my regular monitor so I pulled out a really old KDS 19" which is having problems and an even older 17".

Specifically the picture starts to dim and in maybe 10 seconds goes completely black.

To get the picture to work again I have to pick it up and tilt in onto its side. Sometimes I can then use it normally for the rest of the day, sometimes I have to tilt it again after a few minutes. Sometimes I just leave it on its side.

When its upside down I can get it working again simply by shaking it side to side.

Anyone ever work repairing CRTs? I imagine that something is lose inside and could be easily fixed if I knew exactly where to look.
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  1. take it to a repair shop and get a quote. couldn't be any more than 30 - 50
  2. You can get a new used CRT (that works) for $35-$50 at and other places.

    Though I don't know the problem, does degaussing the monitor do anything?
  3. this sounds like a loose contact somewhere more than anything. repair shop is probably a good idea.
  4. If you are willing to be bold and daring, take the monitor apart.

    I had a loose cable, that required me to push the computer against the wall to get the wires to connect, otherwise the screen was all purple.

    My dad brought home another sony monitor, and I opened both of them up and exchanged cords.

    I'm not saying this is the problem, or that it might be, but if you can open it up safely and see what is going on in there you should be able to fix it.

    But keep in mind it's not like opening the pc up, there are very delicate parts in there.

    That's just my suggestion, I'm sure someone will say it's too dangerous, but I'm sure you have already been warned.
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