Samsung 20" Monitor

I've been attempting to resolve an issue I have with my current system:
AMD 4600+ X2
2 GB ddr2 800 RAM
250gb WD HDD
8800 GTS 640mb EVGA
650W Antec Trio PSU

I have it hooked up to a 204B samsung 20" monitor.

So here's my question:
Is it possible that the monitor could cause artifacting? The reason I ask is it is only on this monitor that I have issues. So is it possible that (as i have it hooked up through DVI) one of the cables in the DVI plug is loose/shorts out to cause an interruption in the image? It only seems to occur with this monitor, and for some reason unplugging/plugging the monitor cable back in has temporarily resolved the issue.
Any insight you could see into this problem would help me a great bit.
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  1. Try hooking it up in the analog VGA connector and see if things are different
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