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I am looking to upgrade from a 19" Samsung 940BW wide screen. I would really like to go to something like a 22" WS or somewhere around there. I would prefer it to be under $350, and I would like to be able to pick it up at a local store(San Antonio). I don't mind getting it from somewhere like newegg if I have to but I would rather get it from a local store.

I have been very happy with my Samsung so I would love to go with them again but any suggestion would be great.

How is this one?

what about this one?

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  1. The second link doesn't work.

    Anywaste, the Samsung 226BW is arguably one of the best 22" LCDs currently being sold.

    In the following review from BeHardware, the Samsung 226BW is the winner out of nine 22" LCD tested.

    There is one thing you should know though. There are three versions of the 226BW because Samsung uses whatever 22" LCD panels are available to build the 226BW. They are as follows:

    S = Samsung Panel
    A = AUO Panel
    C = CheMei Panel

    The "S" panel is the one everyone wants because presumably it is the highest quality. The "C" panel is presumably the worst of the three. The only to know which version you have is to actually buy the 226BW, pop off the connection panel on the back and look at the sticker.
  2. What is the difference in the 226BW and the 225BW?
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