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Hi there. I was wondering, my friend's laptop screen has totally crapped out. It's got cracks and is leaking this green liquid and for Gateway to repair it costs the same price as getting a new one, or even the same laptop! Totally fricking bogus. Anyway, I was wondering, it has a VGA slot, so couldn't I just get a cheap flat screen monitor and mount it myself? Would I have to rewire it to the laptop to power it? Could I power it with USB? He still wants the computer to stay mobile.
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  1. For a replacement laptop LCD screen try:

    Just be aware that the LCD screen is usually the most expensive component of a laptop, unless you are talking about a high-end GPU like the 7900GT Go.
  2. Thank you! Unfortunately that's what we're trying to avoid is the price. We're hoping for a MAXimum of $200, but you know. I'm wondering how I can hook up another monitor to the laptop's power source.
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