What are your Viewsonic image/calibration settings?

I received my Viewsonic VP930P monitor today and installed driver and Perfect Suite software. Went into the Perfect Suite and performed a calibration. As users know, the idea is to make the gray square disappear into the background as close as possible under the various conditions the program produces. Well in none of the conditions could I come close to making it disappear but in all cases, moved the slider to approximately halfway between middle and bottom as to my eyes that seem to be the closest. When finished I was not pleased with the end result but saved the file as the default anyway and rebooted pc. This is where the problems began. Upon reboot and Perfect Suite settings loading over half of the right part of the screen became black and half of image displayed on the left half was what normally would be displayed on the right. Maybe a sync problem, not sure but when I cycled power monitor picture became normal but I thought much darker then I had set it. I open up the Perfect Suite software and lo and behold for whatever reason the brightness setting was at it's lowest. As far as I know, I never set it that low. So I raise it and try to save it when the program crahses, taking along with it explorer in which I had no choice but to hard reboot the pc. Again as the program loads, I get the half black screen. By now I've seen enough to realize I don't really wish experiment with the Viewsonic Perfect Suite software anymore so I uninstall it. Oh also, the OSD became non-functional until I pulled the plug on the monitor and reinserted.

So for now, I have the brightness set on 70, Contrast on 100 and color temperature set to 6500k. I was wondering what settings other users used for this monitor, did you have any problem with the Perfect Suite software or know the cause of mine and/or did you use alternative software to make calibrations and image adjustments?
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  1. There are alternative freeware apps that you can find on the web that work in a similar manner. Some have several similar gamma adjustments for red, green, and blue.
    In the end, the best way to calibrate a monitor is with a special hardware calibration device.
  2. I wish people with a hardware device posted the calibration settings tho it would help.
  3. Quote:
    it would help.

    No, it wouldn't. First off, every monitor coming off an assembly line will have slightly different characteristics. Secondly, it makes a difference if you calibrate a monitor during the daytime (next to a window, such as in an office environment) or at night / or in a basement etc.

    So what makes you think that a calibration file made by John Doe in his basement is going to help you sitting in an office (for example)?
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