VGA Output on a 22" HD LCD Monitor, is it worth it?

I'm looking to get one of the 22" LCD monitors below :
Sadly I have a W3J which doesn't have DVI output, but only VGA...I am currently not using any external display, my question it worth getting one? Or will VGA's quality drawbacks compared to DVI be too much to waste the money on a new monitor? Or is there a way I can allow my W3J to have DVI output (not a tech wiz obviously)? Or is it worth it to invest in a laptop that has DVI output aswell? Seriously considering swapping my w3j with a A8Js or something.

Also, which of the four monitors should I go for? Spec-wise AND price wise, the Acer seems to have an edge with 800:1 contrast and 300 cd/m2

I've been downloading shows/movies in HD aswell, will I be able to enjoy it connecting via VGA!? Or will it just be like it is now on my laptop? What I'm saying is, will I be able to view things on my computer in HD through VGA? HD is just a resolution right :P

Advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. oops i accidently pressed post new topic -_-
    i would greatly appreciate some replies as i need to make a decision by tomorrow!
  2. awww common, help me out here! i gotta make my decision tomorrow!
  3. HD has nothing to do with computers. HDTV is either 720 lines of resolution progressively scanned or 1080 lines of resolution interlaced. Not all TVs have those exact number of vertical pixels; those are just the "official" HDTV signals.

    VGA vs DVI might not matter as much now, though I wouldn't really want a high quality monitor without DVI nowadays -- especially when most monitors have DVI now anyways. The monitor might come with a VGA to DVI-A adaptor, so you can run it on the older computer.
  4. thanks for the reply!
    my computer is by no means old, only bought it 6 months ago. but it's a 14" laptop that costed $2300, yet has no DVI port when a cheaper similar spec one has it :cry:

    anyways, which monitor of the four would be the best choice!?
    i'll be getting a discount and one tax on it, so it has to be from canadacomputers.
    that's what they have.
  5. Depends on if games or image editing is important.

    Image editing:
    NEC IPS panel

    VX2035 TN
    225BW TN
    206BW TN

    Don't get:
    BenQ FP241w strong video noise

    Keep looking (google) and see if you find the panel types for the others (IPS, PVA, MVA, or TN).
  6. probably just going to be watching movies/shows on it...and gaming
    thanks for the help!
    i believe all four of those mentioned above are TN monitors
    also i'm considering getting the benq FP222W out of all the ones available at canadacomputers....they currrently don't have the fp222WH in stock, so rules that one out
  7. so which monitor from canada computers!!??
    it's a short list, common! :)
  8. blahhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Lookup the panel types and check reviews. See if any use dynamic contrast. Get a DVI and/or HDCP one if you can.
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