Which Monitor to Buy? Gaming! :P

Hey ppls, how u all doin? anyways ive jus got a quick question for y'all.
ive just completed my first build...an its up an runnin' :) currently im using my old 17" CRT monitor but im looking on buyin a new monitor, possibly 19" LCD....ive picked out two monitors which i consider buying...can you guys tell me if they are gd for gaming? and which 1 is better? Thanks very much!

Here's the links:-
19" Daewoo 5ms Widescreen

19" Asus 5ms Widescreen
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  1. anyone gonna help me out here?? buying it 2moro?? Thanks to anyone that can help me!
  2. doesnt matter now, i decided to go with the Asus an im really pleased with it :)
  3. get a samsung 22inch widescreen
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