Why do people hate Dell Monitors?

I have a question.

I have two Dell 2407FPW monitors on my main computer that I use to write code, and they look fine to me, I've never had any issues with them, and I don't seem to have any eye strain issues even after very long days.

They were also an excellent price - I paid $Cad 550.00 each (plus taxes) for them, so with taxes, eco taxes, etc is was about $1200 for the pair.

Yet everybody seems to always look down on Dell Monitors. What am I missing?

I don't play many games, and when I do it's usually SimCity, so maybe I just don't see the flaws..

So what are the flaws, and what's wrong with these panels?

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  1. I own two Dell monitors as well, a 17'' and a 32'' HDTV, and have no problems with either of them while playing games or watching videos. The biggest complaints people have with Dell monitors is either dead pixels or what is called ghosting with fast moving images. Again I haven't noticed this problem with either so, your guess is as good as mine.

    Yes the 32'' does and is doubling as a monitor for my comp.
  2. I don't know where you got the impression that people hate Dell monitors, but actually you can get some fairly good monitors from Dell at times.

    It also depends on what you use a monitor for and how critical you are of image quality. The thing you are using the monitors for, writing code, is exactly what LCDs are strongest at -- a sharp, flicker free, picture. However, you are not using your computer for those areas that LCDs are weakest at: fast motion and image editing (on some LCDs).
  3. People don't necessarily hate Dells, it's just that you never know what you are buying when you buy a Dell. They switch their panels all the time without notice.

    It's called the Dell Lottery. Sometimes you get the good panel, sometimes you get the bad. Same price. :) Although typically, reviewers seem to magically get the good panel, then Dell switches to save money. :(
  4. Actually, it's not that bad. On the panels that I am aware of that Dell has done the switch on... it was a switch between the top of the line IPS panel type and the perhaps second-best PVA panel type. For the prices of the Dell monitors, both panel types are probably a good buy. However, for those people who are really wanting and needing the IPS, then it is definitely a downside. Still, the panels are not that bad a choice.
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