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Howdy all,

Was wondering if the community here could recommend a LCD monitor for my wife. Even though i am technically savvy, i find the LCD monitor business very misleading and confusing. Pretty much she wants something in the 17" size for 200 or < range that would work well for playing MMORPG's. It doesnt need to have a lot of cool features but i would prefer something with a low refresh rate and an uniform screen luminosity (i.e. the screen should look bright over then entire screen). Thank you in advanced for any help you may provide.
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  1. I bought a Samsung 941bw 19 inch LCD in December and I am very happy with it. Cost me right around $200. You should have a graphics card with 1440 X 900 screen resolution. That is the native resolution.
  2. A simple choice would be to pick out one of the dell brand monitors is a size that you want.
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