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My 8 year old CRT is on its deathbed and I'd like some help if possible in choosing between these monitors. All of them have good reviews. I don't have a preference of widescreen or not.

Some are WXGA, WXGA+ and there's SXGA

they're also two panel types: Active Matrix, TFT LCD and a-si TFT/TN adding to the confusion

the brightness, contrast ratio, pixel pitch, response time, and panel treatments all vary, and its a pretty confusing...

Thanks in advance for any help.

other monitor recommendations are welcome
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  1. Without writing an essay on LCD's, the best thing I can tell you is to sort any lcd's on newegg by their user rating. The top rated are always the best, especially if there are a large number of reviewers.

    Do you have a general size in mind? If buying a widescreen just be aware that the vertical viewing size of a 20'' widescreen is equivalent to a normal sized 17''. The only advantage is extra space horizontally.

    Oh and feel free to check out reviews for the best monitors at or They're pretty good. top 19 inch monitors
  2. do you play games? I would recomend either the viewsonic vx922 ( I bought it 2 months ago), or the NEC gx2.
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