The ultimate 22inch Monitor for gamers

Thinking about this monitor:LG L226WTQ but i dont know if its any good.. any suggestions about a 22 inch 2-6ms monitor?
(maximum cost 720$)
Maybe one of these?
SyncMaster 906BW,206BW,226BW,
Asus mw221u

My computer:
graphic:Gainward BLISS GeForce 8800GTX PCX TV Dual DVI 768MB
cpu:Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2,4GHz Tray
root:Western Digital Raptor X WD1500AHFD Gamer 16MB 150GB
ram:Corsair XMS2 Xtreme TwinX DDR2 PC8500/1066MHz CL5 2x1GB
hd:Seagate NL35.2 ST3500841NS 8MB 500GB
mother:Asus P5L/1394
os:windows xp professional (tomorrow vista home basic)
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  1. I've been looking a little bit at the 226BW. My budget's closer to about $400 though. I can't seem to find any reviews for it, so maybe I'll wait a little bit. Unfortunately I don't have any advice, sorry.
  2. If you're looking for straightforward 22" goodness with not so many frills, check out the Dell E228WFP: 1680x1050 native; 5ms gray-to-gray; somewhere south of $350. They've had it on sale for under $300 before as well. The panel isn't the high-end version (TN, i think), it only takes dvi and vga inputs, and the stand isn't amazingly adjustable; but still a great monitor to start with. 8O
  3. I wouldn't go for any 22" right now, because they are all new and run off the same cheap panel (TN). If you go to a local electronics store (Best Buy, Circuit City or Fry's) and compare any 22" to most good 19", you'll see that the 22" models all lack the color quality and clarity that 19" monitors have, and have significantly worse backlight bleeding. If you're looking for a widescreen, I hear that NEC has a very good 20" ( ), while Viewsonic has the much cheaper VX2025wm (sold out at most places, check out Viewsonic's website). If you're going to spend up to $720, look into some 24" monitors (which use better panels and should be good), my dad says that the 24" Dell one is nice (, but I haven't personally researched 24" models. I just ordered a VX2025wm myself.

    If you can settle with a smaller screen, you'll get superior image quality and clarity from a 19", and you'll have many more to choose from (check THG's reviews if you haven't)

    Also, heres a great forum that I did some research on:

    Good luck on finding the perfect monitor!
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