Upgrading Monitor For The First Time.

Hey folks. I currently have a thread in the home built section of the forums. I'm going at it upgrading my hardware and finding all the best things I can for the price. One thing never occurred to me, and that is upgrading my monitor. I have a 4 year old 300lb CRT running in 1024X768. I was told that upgrading all my parts and keeping this monitor is really holding me back.

That being said, I set out to find an LCD monitor. This is one part I'd like to keep somewhat cheap, if at all possible. I came across this. Let me know what you think.


Originally $269. $30 off, and a $40 rebate. So down to $199.99 w/ FREE shipping. Seems like an excellent buy. Now obviously I don't know much about monitor specs, but I was comparing it to some of the other monitors listed and it seemed to stack up just fine against them. Keep in mind that I have an old school CRT, and this would be a huge upgrade. Also, I'm a gamer. So if you see something wrong with the monitor for that aspect let me know.

Thanks folks.


Also - If you know of any other good deals, please let me know! :)
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  1. that looks pretty good. the only problems you run into with LCD and gaming is the response time. longer response times leave you with ghosting or blurring. this one has 5ms, which is actually pretty darn good.
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