Samsung 204BW

What do you think of this monitor? I'm considering it for my new gaming rig.
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  1. If you can, reach for the 225BW.
  2. I decided to go for the NEC Display Solutions 20WMGX2-BK 20.1"
  3. Quote:
    I decided to go for the NEC Display Solutions 20WMGX2-BK 20.1"

    If you like the glossy, Brite screen, you should LOVE that one.
  4. I like this one, specifically cuz of the 1600x1200 rez
    Samsung 204B
  5. Well I *have* heard a few people express dislike for the glossy screen. But actually the overwhelming majority of people have said that they like it. From what I've read about this monitor, the glossy screen is what helps to make the colors appear truer and provide a more photo-realistic image on the screen, instead of the more grainy-type image on most other LCD screens. Also, it has an incredible viewing angle (I've seen pictures of this monitor nearly sideways without any dimming or loss of picture). One complaint that crops up I've noticed is that the monitor is a bit glare-sensitive, perhaps due to the glossy screen. But, based on all my reading, I determined it was a small issue that people were mostly nit-picking on. Just put the LCD facing away from a window or big light source.
  6. I bought 204B (silver) just before xmas and haven't had any problems with it. I've not even bothered to load the drivers for it. The brightness/contrast settings I use are the default settings of 60%/95% and it is picture perfect. My graphics card is a single 7800gt and it runs at 1600x1200 resolution effortlessly. I've heard that the 204B isn't so good at fast FSP shooters but I don't usually play those types of games (the closest I have come to it is an old world war 1 combat flight simulator which plays without any problems). I've also heard that watching DVD movies isn't so good either although I have yet to try that, although I'm not expecting any problems to be honest (apart from that the monitor isn't widescreen, or HD compliant). Such a large screen is a bit of a problem to keep clean though lol
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