Anyone know of any OLED computer monitors available or on the way?
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    cnet - jan 2007
    "Still, a lot of work remains, and both executives emphasized that Sony is not announcing products or a definitive commitment to OLED TVs. The company, for instance, has to figure out how to mass-manufacture them at a price consumers are willing to pay."

    "If Sony does come out with an OLED TV, it would likely come out in Japan first" - "Perhaps next year."

    optics.org- june 2006
    "However, the biggest hurdle facing OLED developers is short lifetime. Although OLED materials and device structures have improved greatly over the past few years, manufacturers can still only guarantee between 5000 and 15,000 h of operation before the brightness of the panel is reduced to half of its initial value."

    i hope those problems can be solved but im not getting my hopes up until 2009-2010. here's some pretty pics
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