Westinghouse LVM-47w1 1080p LCD Monitor

I am seriously considering getting this monitor for use on my computer and consoles to play video games. I play alot of fps games, and I've been wondering if anyone has any experience with this monitor at all, outside of seeing one in a store, because there's always the chance that it wasn't hooked up correctly.

I've got an older 17" lcd from BENQ that is suppossed to have a refresh rate of 18ms or something, and although I can see ghosting, it only bothered me a little bit at first, and I got used to it. It was always least noticeable at the highest resolution.

This new 47" monitor is supposed to have a refresh rate of 6.5ms, which would be excellent if it really performs nearly three times as well as my old lcd monitor.

Anyway, if any of you can share some information, I would really appreciate it, since although I can afford $1900, I can't really afford to buy it and not be able to use it.

Also, I'd like to know how we're supposed to hook up HDMI for the newer disc technologies to watch blu-ray and HD-DVD when Vista comes out. All the video cards I know of only have DVI.
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  1. Hey there,
    I just actually go tone of those. well actually it was the smaller 37" and it is plenty big. But i too play alot of video games xbox 360 and pc. Everything is perfect on it. Although like BF2 and BF2142 cant do the resolution without some weird resolution thing htat i dont know how to do. (I also play WoW which looks amazing) However, it still looks great. I was pwning noobs just yesterday on it. If you dont have a very good GFX card though, i would be wary. Since the screen is so large you notice a lot of little bad things. But if you have a good video card (i have an x1900xtx) evrything shoul;d work great. I am very pleased that i bought the thing. Also for that big (47") you want to be able to sit back probably at LEAST 6-9 feet. otherwise you will see pixels cause your so close. the max resolutin on it is 1920 x 1080 (comes from the 1080P) if you have a smaller room and are going to use this for a monitor, i might suggest the 37" but thats just me. I have a 42" (720p so i dont use for monitor) and it is really too big for a computer screen. DO what you want though and enjoy it. ITs fantastic!
  2. If you can play battlefield on it, then I assume it doesn't have any ghosting problems as far as FPS is concerned. The biggest reason I'm going for this model instead of one slightly smaller is because it's the latest incarnation of the series, having many problems fixed, and most importantly, the refresh rate has been reduced so far...

    I actually have a 7800gt which should be good enough for my current games since I can already run many of them at 1600x1200 with max settings (1920x1080 is only 7.5% larger), and when Vista comes out with all the DX10 games, I'll be upgrading no holds barred.

    Thanks so much for the help :D
  3. i don't know if that card will be sufficent. i don't know about the other guy but at 19 x 12 my single x1900 struggled at max settings even in dod:S. the FPS was very playable but not great. other games can kill your gfx cards performance. i would look at reviews before deciding and as far as t.v goes i don't know too may things that run at 1080P. other resolutions below that won't look as good.
  4. Ive also been playin company of heroes at full everything. It does get a little chuggy when there are a lot of explosions and guys on the field, but nothing to bad in normal gameplay. it seemed fine.
  5. Most 42" screens don't have high enough resolutions to have good picture if you are up close to the screen....you need to sit quite a bit further back
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