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Is it possible to edit video on a widescreen LCD? The program I am using is Pinnacle studio 10, and the size of each window is not manually adjusable, so I am not sure. The projects will be both 16:9 and 4:3.
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  1. If your video card can support the wide resolution, it won't have any problem and you shouldn't have to stretch your icons/windows. If your video card doesn't support the proper resolution, you will have stretching and it will be difficult with every program you run.

    I edit with Sony Vegas on a 19" wide display and it's great because more of the timeline is shown.

    BTW, your applications won't display any differently on a wide screen (if the card can handle it). It will just show more because there is more screen real-estate width-wise.
  2. Oh thanks thats really cool! Do you work with widescreen or fullscreen projects?
  3. I usually work with 4:3 projects (church where projector isn't HD or 16:9) but either way, it works the same way with the display.

    Here's a screen shot of a 1080i video clip on the time line/preview pane (monitor is 1440x900 res). As you can see the program's window is larger but not at all stretched. The preview pane is sizable so you could preview larger or smaller -- it would be the same if the video was standard def.

  4. Thats pretty sweet
  5. I recently edited several large scale projects using Premiere Pro 2.0 on my Samsung 244t (1920x1200 24" lcd) and I must say, I LOVE IT. I believe you will too.

    Premiere really lends itself to the wide aspect ratio since it uses the dual video windows stacked side by side in its gui. I can view both video panes at 100% size when working with DV or NTSC 480i, 480p 4x3 images.

    What would be an even sweeter deal would be an additional monitor to view a fullscreen video image realtime while editing, but one can only dream.
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